About B+B Capital

B+B Capital is a full-service real estate investment company that owns, develops, and manages residential and mixed-use properties throughout New York City.

B+B Capital is committed to identifying, acquiring, and improving properties in prime locations, with the goal of creating a portfolio consisting of the finest residential, commercial, retail,and luxury hotel properties. Concurrently, we believe in the importance of building valued and lasting relationships with fellow real estate visionaries.

B+B Capital leverages its unparalleled knowledge of the market, timely investments, and expertise in the swift execution of deals in order to both identify and act upon real estate opportunities in prime New York City locations. Its full-service team is utilized in each step of the investment and development process,
thus generating results that consistently exceed expectations.

B+B Capital is divided into the five fundamental sections within the real estate industry: acquisition, property analysis, financing, management, and development. Our strong local presence, years of experience, and pristine reputation are among the key forces that provide this group access to off-market opportunities. In addition, we anticipate entering into desirable joint ventures with developers who are seeking equity partners, direct building sellers, assemblage opportunities, and under performing assets.