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South Williamsburg grows up

[NEW YORK POST] By Max Gross

“I would say the neighborhood has changed more in the last eight to nine months than in the last eight years.”

So declares South Williamsburg resident Sarah Natkins, who moved to her apartment on Wythe and South Eighth Street back in 2006.

Indeed, if you had snooped around south of Grand Street (the dividing line between North and South Williamsburg) just a year ago, the neighborhood might have seemed a trifle barren — at least on certain blocks.

But the keen observer would have noticed something important: lots of holes in the ground. Today, many of those holes are filled in. And just as quickly as they’re filled in, new holes are being added.

A couple of blocks from Natkins’ apartment, a 16,000-square-foot gourmet supermarket, Urban Market, opened its doors in December — a big deal for a neighborhood whose grocery needs were seriously unmet. It’s connected to a rental building, 15 Dunham Place, where remaining one-bedrooms trade at north of $3,000 per month. And for any budding families, just a block or so down Kent Avenue is a Montessori nursery and preschool, which opened in January.... [READ MORE]